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New Product! ¡ÈION COOLER¡É!!

We have developed a new product called ¡ÈIon Cooler¡É lately, which is a cooling gel sheet that contained of negative ion. It promotes the relaxation effect to the brain and whole body by applying the sheets on the back of neck or the part of joint pain where you have.¥¤¥ª¥ó¥¯¡¼¥é¡¼.jpg

Since I got the accident, I have been using the ice pillow when I sleep. This is to prevent the piling up of heat in the brain. From the ancient time, ¡ÈKeeping head cool and feet warm¡É is said to be good for health in Japan. And the person who has a low blood pressure tends to be easy to pile up of heat in the brain when they have stress or troubles because there are few blood volumes. Once the heat piled up in the brain, the large volume of blood flow is necessary to cool down. However, the person who has a low blood pressure do not have enough power of blood and have to take a long time to recover from the bad condition. So when they caused of dizziness or a mental depression, it is necessary to take enough heat away from a brain with extra icing tools. Based on the study of structure medicine, ¡ÈHead cooling medical treatment¡É is considered to be an important remedy in Japan. As for the negative ion, it is an effective in lowering the blood pressure and eases a headache or improves the poor physical conditions. Both a head and a body are relaxed by taking a rest efficiently and safely in a brain with short time are very effective for good health.Ion-cooler-¼ó¶Ú.jpg

¡ÈION COOLER¡É was born when I had so many things to do and busy like hell at office. My head was almost blow out with much heat. I thought that is there anything easy to cool down my head and feel refresh like I do in the night at home? Also the negative ion will activate the brain and improve the work efficiency? I stick ¡ÈION COOLER¡É on the back of my neck every night and go to sleep now. Compare with ice pillow, it is easy to put it on the neck and throw it away after use. I can sleep well and my brain and body are refreshed next morning. I have developed various products so far, but I have a confidence that this product become a most hot seller ever before!! ^o^ I am going to release this product with my best effort to the world from now on!!!! By the way, this product is suitable for adult only and we will soon release the products for children. Please wait! v^o^
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