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Fly to Kyushu with wheelchair

Recently, I took my second trip to Kyushu by airplane with my wheelchair.
I worried about traveling by plane because I had a bad experience on my last trip. However, my family did not give me any time to think about it and there was no choice but taking that airplane.

When I reserved the tickets, I told the air company that I am a wheelchair user and gave them detailed information about my level of mobility. However, at the airport I was asked the same questions such as ¡ÈAre you able to walk on the plane?¡É, ¡ÈCan you move from this wheelchair to the other one?¡É, ¡ÈIs there any problem by using the wheelchair on board?¡É and so on. Sometimes, I do not feel very happy when asked so many questions about my disabilities again and again. If the reservations department collects detailed and relevant information from each disabled passengers and pass it to the airport staff in advance, I do not see why I need to be asked same questions over and over. Sharing the information properly between reservations department and airport staff also helps to save time and reduce the stress or embarrassment felt by disable passengers. Dear airline companies, could you please consider finding a way to improve your service when you are dealing with cases like mine?¼ÒĹ¡¡Èô¹Ôµ¡.jpg

Now it¡Çs boarding time! An exclusive bus and lift for the wheelchair were prepared for my exclusive use. I was impressed by the great service provided by Itami Osaka Airport! Thank you very much! v(^^) Then suddenly, we saw a propeller aircraft in front of us!! My family looked very happy to see such a cute airplane and completely ignored my ascending to the plane. Thanks to the propeller, they were enjoying themselves taking photos while I was climbing aboard the plane by the lift. After one hour of comfortable(?) flight, we finally arrived safely at Saga airport in Kyushu.

Well, this next part of my life is called ¡ÈGetting off the plane¡É. I was told that two men were going to carry me with wheelchair and everything and put me out of the plane!! I was anxious about such a primitive method that Saga Airport proposed. Then, I asked the two men as a joke if they could give thier job to a pretty female flight attendant but one of them smiled and said to me, ¡ÈJust imagine me as a young pretty female flight attendant.¡É The two strong men lifted and carry me out of plane very quickly. (><)¼ÒĹ¡¡Èô¹Ôµ¡­¢.jpg

This time, I have experienced the trip of propeller aircraft and its nursing services. Each facility has different quality and variety of services. The facilities and environments are not well established in the local area. However, thanks to the support of many people, I have enjoyed the whole trip and everything went through in a more comfortable way than I expected.
Trips might become safer and more enjoyable for the disabled people if companies increase the number of flight attendants and staff members with nursing license. Furthermore, it still will be so nice if a pretty flight attendant could carry me on her back! (Many thanks to the hearty male attendants ! ¢«from my family)

A lovely time of year has come. Dear wheelchair users, why don¡Çt you get out of your house and take a trip to refresh yourself? It is not so bad to feel outside and mingle with people.
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