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A Brave Act

I was deeply impressed the story about one of our staff members. Because she has held down a mean fellow who had tried to molest her, and handed over him to the police.

This is how it happened:
On her way home from the nearest station by bicycle, a man on a bicycle called after her and was trying to touch her body as he asked the time. Karate.jpg
After meeting the unexpected counterattack from her, he was arrested by the police officers whom the crowd that gathered around the called hustle has.

It was unfortunate for the criminal that she is a KARATE expertise or known as Japanese martial arts. It makes every thing clear why she could seize him quickly by the arm and hold him without any help from those around.

There was the possibility that the attacker could have acted violently or in the worst case to have weapons on him. The offender turned out to be a solid built young rugby player. Unfortunately, even though the nightmare is over, she said that she felt fear for a long time and sometimes suffered from sleepless nights.

When I heard the episode, I felt deeply proud of her. And, it made me eager to praise her and announce her brave act to a large number of people as much as possible.
Fellow gentlemen, are you aware that womankind become strong and tough? Please be careful not to count on your muscle and force too much.
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