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Challenge of New business!

In recent years the net has evolved so much that is amazing to me.
Now-a-days we are bombarded with information through the internet and I wouldn°«t be exaggerating if I say that it is almost impossible to live ignoring it.
You may also have noticed that there are lots of new services that firms provide to net users and one of them is °»Second Life°….
°»Second Life°… started about 4 years ago, and it°«s now that it°«s becoming a boom in Japan, due to increasingly faster internet connections and the recent release of the Japanese version.

Anyone can gain access to °»Second Life°… through the net and it°«s a three dimensional virtual world that is similar to our real world. As you can see by the title, you are able to have a second opportunity to live, this time in a virtual world using an °»Avatar°… which is your persona that you can use to communicate with other people, run a firm, drive a brand-new car for free, or even fly around the virtual world.

In the °»Second Life°… virtual world, even a disabled person like me can freely move around, buy land that I like, create a building of my own and even start a new business. °»Anything is possible°… is becoming a slogan for °»Second Life°… and if you actually see it, you will see that it°«s true.Second life

To me °»Second Life°… is a world where you can make your dreams come true. Together with our outstanding staff and using the experience achieved in education, business and communication with people of the world, we are planning to be in °»Second Life°… starting next year. Also volunteer activities to help children will be a characteristic of our new adventure.
When the project becomes a reality, I would like to invite everyone to come and check it out.
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