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A Brave Act

I was deeply impressed the story about one of our staff members. Because she has held down a mean fellow who had tried to molest her, and handed over him to the police.

This is how it happened:
On her way home from the nearest station by bicycle, a man on a bicycle called after her and was trying to touch her body as he asked the time. Karate.jpg
After meeting the unexpected counterattack from her, he was arrested by the police officers whom the crowd that gathered around the called hustle has.

It was unfortunate for the criminal that she is a KARATE expertise or known as Japanese martial arts. It makes every thing clear why she could seize him quickly by the arm and hold him without any help from those around.

There was the possibility that the attacker could have acted violently or in the worst case to have weapons on him. The offender turned out to be a solid built young rugby player. Unfortunately, even though the nightmare is over, she said that she felt fear for a long time and sometimes suffered from sleepless nights.

When I heard the episode, I felt deeply proud of her. And, it made me eager to praise her and announce her brave act to a large number of people as much as possible.
Fellow gentlemen, are you aware that womankind become strong and tough? Please be careful not to count on your muscle and force too much.
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A Guest from Abroad

I had a guest far from Guam the other day. He was one of the staff members of H.E.C. eighteen (18) years ago. He stayed at our home and lived with us like one of our family members and commuted to the office together for about one (1) year. His favorite food is Miso-Soup and salmon flakes with squeezed lemon which he had for every breakfast while he stayed with us.

The reunion after an interval of fifteen (15) years deeply impressed me and made me burst into tears. A guest from abroad.JPG
I was relieved to see that he was in good health and has not changed a bit since the last time I saw him.

On the day of his arrival, we talked for hours about all kinds of matters including memories from the past. It made me feel as if I was traveling back in time to my good-all-days. I must admit that it made me feel young again.

He is an instructor working for a diving school in Guam and with in his group of students, he also instructs the disabled. Could it be destiny or mystery of life that I was going to meet again with a person that plays a role in an occupation that associates with my life on wheelchair?

I was delighted to hear that those who use a wheelchair and experiences diving can feel the sensation of floating in the air. By the same token, the blind can also experience the sensation of freedom due to the fact that they have fewer chances in bumping into obstacles.
He also instructs tourists from Japan and I have the confidence that they will fully enjoy diving under his instruction due to the level of his Japanese that he obtained as a result of his stay.

If you happen to stop by Guam, I hope that you pass by the diving school!!! If you happen to see an instructor that barely looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger, it would be him; Douglas, my old friend.

(If you would like details about the diving school, please do not hesitate to contact me.)
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Fly to Kyushu with wheelchair

Recently, I took my second trip to Kyushu by airplane with my wheelchair.
I worried about traveling by plane because I had a bad experience on my last trip. However, my family did not give me any time to think about it and there was no choice but taking that airplane.

When I reserved the tickets, I told the air company that I am a wheelchair user and gave them detailed information about my level of mobility. However, at the airport I was asked the same questions such as Are you able to walk on the plane?, Can you move from this wheelchair to the other one?, Is there any problem by using the wheelchair on board? and so on. Sometimes, I do not feel very happy when asked so many questions about my disabilities again and again. If the reservations department collects detailed and relevant information from each disabled passengers and pass it to the airport staff in advance, I do not see why I need to be asked same questions over and over. Sharing the information properly between reservations department and airport staff also helps to save time and reduce the stress or embarrassment felt by disable passengers. Dear airline companies, could you please consider finding a way to improve your service when you are dealing with cases like mine?ĹԵ.jpg

Now its boarding time! An exclusive bus and lift for the wheelchair were prepared for my exclusive use. I was impressed by the great service provided by Itami Osaka Airport! Thank you very much! v(^^) Then suddenly, we saw a propeller aircraft in front of us!! My family looked very happy to see such a cute airplane and completely ignored my ascending to the plane. Thanks to the propeller, they were enjoying themselves taking photos while I was climbing aboard the plane by the lift. After one hour of comfortable(?) flight, we finally arrived safely at Saga airport in Kyushu.

Well, this next part of my life is called Getting off the plane. I was told that two men were going to carry me with wheelchair and everything and put me out of the plane!! I was anxious about such a primitive method that Saga Airport proposed. Then, I asked the two men as a joke if they could give thier job to a pretty female flight attendant but one of them smiled and said to me, Just imagine me as a young pretty female flight attendant. The two strong men lifted and carry me out of plane very quickly. (><)ĹԵ.jpg

This time, I have experienced the trip of propeller aircraft and its nursing services. Each facility has different quality and variety of services. The facilities and environments are not well established in the local area. However, thanks to the support of many people, I have enjoyed the whole trip and everything went through in a more comfortable way than I expected.
Trips might become safer and more enjoyable for the disabled people if companies increase the number of flight attendants and staff members with nursing license. Furthermore, it still will be so nice if a pretty flight attendant could carry me on her back! (Many thanks to the hearty male attendants ! from my family)

A lovely time of year has come. Dear wheelchair users, why dont you get out of your house and take a trip to refresh yourself? It is not so bad to feel outside and mingle with people.
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New Product! ION COOLER!!

We have developed a new product called Ion Cooler lately, which is a cooling gel sheet that contained of negative ion. It promotes the relaxation effect to the brain and whole body by applying the sheets on the back of neck or the part of joint pain where you have.󥯡顼.jpg

Since I got the accident, I have been using the ice pillow when I sleep. This is to prevent the piling up of heat in the brain. From the ancient time, Keeping head cool and feet warm is said to be good for health in Japan. And the person who has a low blood pressure tends to be easy to pile up of heat in the brain when they have stress or troubles because there are few blood volumes. Once the heat piled up in the brain, the large volume of blood flow is necessary to cool down. However, the person who has a low blood pressure do not have enough power of blood and have to take a long time to recover from the bad condition. So when they caused of dizziness or a mental depression, it is necessary to take enough heat away from a brain with extra icing tools. Based on the study of structure medicine, Head cooling medical treatment is considered to be an important remedy in Japan. As for the negative ion, it is an effective in lowering the blood pressure and eases a headache or improves the poor physical conditions. Both a head and a body are relaxed by taking a rest efficiently and safely in a brain with short time are very effective for good health.Ion-cooler-.jpg

ION COOLER was born when I had so many things to do and busy like hell at office. My head was almost blow out with much heat. I thought that is there anything easy to cool down my head and feel refresh like I do in the night at home? Also the negative ion will activate the brain and improve the work efficiency? I stick ION COOLER on the back of my neck every night and go to sleep now. Compare with ice pillow, it is easy to put it on the neck and throw it away after use. I can sleep well and my brain and body are refreshed next morning. I have developed various products so far, but I have a confidence that this product become a most hot seller ever before!! ^o^ I am going to release this product with my best effort to the world from now on!!!! By the way, this product is suitable for adult only and we will soon release the products for children. Please wait! v^o^
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Health Food and Supplement

Since I have to spend my life with wheelchair, it is hard to take a nutrient out of everyday meal and there is danger that a slight disease develops into a fatal one to me. So I am taking regularly several health food supplements for 5 years.

3.SANKIGEN GOLD (Korean Ginseng Extract Drink)
4.Multiple Vitamin
5.Hydrogen Water with Root Seaweeds

GABA: I have never catching cold for the past 5 years since I have begun to take GABA. It is said that GABA is effective in strengthening an immune cell. I dont know why but even if all the family members catch cold, only I am all right and keep in very good condition!
Glucosamine: It is better to make the metabolism for the reproduction of cartilage. Because I cannot move body freely by myself and also getting enough aged, a joint and bone are ached by few exercises. I am continues to take glucosamine everyday and prevent for the pain.
SANKIGEN Gold (Korean Ginseng Extract Drink): I drink one bag of SANKIGEN Gold before sleeping every night. Korean ginseng is effective in warming a body. My hands and feet are always fascinated with cold temperature and accompanied with pain. When hands and feet warm, it is easy to go to sleep so I drink it regularly every night. SANKIGEN Gold is our company developed product and order directly from a Korean maker. It is very good and well finished product. AquaVidaȺۿ-HP.jpg
Hydrogen Water with Root Seaweeds: I am drinking hydrogen water with root seaweeds every day like regular drinking water. To supply minerals, I put the Hokkaidos root seaweeds into the hydrogen rich water that improve the anti-oxidation in body and also has anti-aging effect. My wife told me that some hair are growing back from my head since I started to drink this water!! How nice and unbelievable!! My kids and employees do not believe this fact but my wife is a person who is taking care of myself every day says that. I believe the power of root seaweeds and hydrogen water! v(^^) This hydrogen water stick is also our product and named as AQUA VIDA̿ο. This product has strong vitality as for growing my hair(!) and is also a masterpiece of H.E.C. Group.

I must be always aware of being healthy since I have become wheelchair man. Therefore I am trying various products from a health foods, supplement and health related goods to medical supplies. I will talk about the present conditions or care circumstances of Japanese medical facilities through my prospect from now on.
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What is going on in the world? ~ Children and Health ~

According to the information from UNICEF, there are great numbers of children over the world facing very severe difficulty now.

1.The world has 2.2 billion children and 1 billion children live in poverty. The number of children that die every year before reaching the age of five is 10.5 million. That is equivalent to the combined populations of children under age of five in France, Germany, Greece and Italy.ϺԽ.jpg

2.The number of children under the age of five who suffer from severe malnutrition is 90 million. Underweight since birth, their bodies are weak and they get sick easily. They remain hungry all the time and half of these children live in South Asia.

3.In the 3rd world countries, the number of children that have never attended school a day in their lives is over 140 million. In South Asia, 1 in 4 children does not attend primary school.

4.1 in 5 children in the 3rd world countries has no safe drinking water. That is nearly 400 million children. In Africa, they drink either unsanitary water or must walk 15 minutes or more to a source of safe drinking water.ϺԽ.jpg

5.A child born in Japan in 2004 has an average life span of 82 years. A child born in Zambia in 2004 has an average life span of 38 years. Even when children survive poverty, their adult life will not extend past the age of 38.

6.The percentage of people who never went to school as children and are still unable to read and write as adults in South Asia is: 30% of males; 55% of females. And in sub-Saharan Africa is: 32% of males; 48% of females. When they become adults without knowing the value of education, the same pattern repeats itself with their children.

I am hoping that I want to help these children and change the severe environment surrounding of children with many people. From the next year 2007, I will increase the number of children to give more aid and also as a company of H.E.C. Group, we would like to contribute to the world with our health care products, foods, and nursing products for healthy living of all human being. If someone has any ideas or advises, let's discuss together!
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My First Blog

img1_001.jpgThis is my very first blog and I would like to introduce myself. My name is Takao Matsushita and a chairman of H.E.C. Group International.

Before I established H.E.C. Group International in 1979, besides the operation of a language school, I was also running a business for the training program for new employees, improvement of business skills and incubation of new business leaders. As I look back those days, I remember that I had a lot of difficult time with running companies and there were not much happy moments to overcome the hard time. However, I think these experiences become my foundation of todays H.E.C. Group International. The most important things to manage a company are to be aware of responsibility, to foresee the business trends and of course, to make fruitful results with these abilities. And I believe that it is essential for the company president to think 24hours how he or she runs it.

With the above back ground, I established a trading company- H.E.C. Group and I traveled around the world for business. However, one day I had a traffic accident and I have become paralyzed. At that time, I was shuttered to think how I run my company, how I support my family and my employees because I had no idea how. But with support from my family and many peoples, I have been through and managed to overcome this unfortunate situation.

I had never thought to be paralyzed before the accident and as it happened to me, it has completely changed my life. I now see things from a wheelchair and learn many things from it. I also can understand feelings with those people who have harder life than I do.

I wonder if you ever thought to encounter an unexpected disaster while you are spending your daily life. Even though the life has suddenly changed, it made me believe that it is important for a company president to think about the next generation and take time to make a successor. As I have experience of unfortunate change of life, I would like to share and help someone who has similar experience or suffered from difficulties of their life with my experience and advise in assisting for their better life.

img2_002.jpgNow I am taking a part in the aid to support those children in the 3rd world countries to enable them to go to school. I am hoping that we can help to give more children a chance to have an education at school. If you can help them with me, I would like to ask for your advice to make it possible. Finally, I would like to thank you very much for spending your time to read my blog and hope that you find my writing helpful and useful for you.Thank you again.

Takao Matsushita
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