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New Videos: Introducing Nail Caviar and Nail Caviar Application

Recently our product team at H.E.C. Group Corporation made some videos to easily explain our Nail Caviar brand of products, Nail Caviar and Sanifile.

Although the commentary for these videos is in Japanese, they allow you to easily see our Nail Caviar product and show the easy application of the Squalane filled seamless capsules during your daily nail care program.

    Introducing Nail Caviar

    Application of Nail Caviar

More information about Nail Caviar can be found here:
Nail Caviar - Nail Care Treatment

Beautyworld Japan 2009

Beautyworld Japan 2009 (written Japanese doesn't use spaces, so neither does the English title of this Exhibition) at Tokyo Big Sight was held this week, and we used this opportunity to launch our new product SaniFile as well as promoting our Nail Caviar brand.

Beautyworld Japan is the largest beauty trade fair in the country and covers the Japanese beauty and spa industry. Exhibitors came from all over the world to the huge venue Tokyo Big Sight, on the large man-made island "Odaiba", which was split into four halls (we were based in the Nail Care hall).
Tokyo Big Sight
The number of visitors was about the same as last year apparently, although more were wearing masks than last year I imagine as we have recently had the first cases of the new influenza in Japan, so masks are very popular at the moment, and sold out in most places.

The response to the SaniFile was very positive. It's a new style of nail file here in Japan, ozone sanitized and sealed in a clear envelope for hygiene purposes to be opened in front of the nail salon customer. Each customer gets their own nail file, thus reducing possible infections from one person to the next. These kinds of file are fairly common in America but this is the first product of its kind here.

This was my first experience of a Beauty Exhibition in Japan (or anywhere in the world for that matter), and it was a great experience and a lot of fun, although admittedly pretty tiring - we were on our feet all day, unlike my usual working day which mainly involves sitting at my desk.
Nail Caviar and SaniFile
It's always good to meet customers and get their reaction to our products - although unfortunately my Japanese is not that good, so I would just introduce the product, SaniFile or Nail Caviar, then pass them over to one of my colleagues for a more detailed explanation - however my Japanese does extend to "omoshiroi" (interesting), "sugoi" (great) and "yasui" (inexpensive).

After 3 days and over 50,000 visitors, the exhibition was over and the workmen moved in to dismantle everything, and we all packed up our things and caught the Bullet Train back to Osaka, tired but happy.

The next Beautyworld is at Intex in Osaka in October, and we look forward to seeing you there!

(written by J)

The Expanding Market for °»Relaxation Foods°…

Health supplements and foods with relaxation-promoting substances such as GABA and Theanine are selling one after another.

The report on the °»National Life 2004°… by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in Japan indicates that 49.1% of the Japanese nation over 12 years of age for both male and female faces with stress or anxiety in their daily life. If we take a close look at the situation, declining health status and frequent diseases are causes mainly from the above mentioned stress.

In the summer time, we tend to be fatigued which leads to stress. These symptoms can enhance and accumulate stress due to changes in temperature as we enter and out of an air-conditioned atmosphere. The consciousness of stress is hard to evaluate on our own but it could direct us to loss of appetite, luck of sleep, chilliness of hands and feet even in warm temperatures make us irritate.

Measures to prevent stress are as below:
1. Not to set the temperature of the air-conditioner too low.
2. Avoid to be exposed to the air-conditioner for long hours.
3. Obvious but try your best to avoid stress.

For those who find it difficult to let out your stress, we will release a new product in September which we hope to serve you then.

Mannentake, Polyphenol and Aromatherapy for Hay Fever

In Japan, the pollen scatter becomes earlier because of its warm winter. Mannentake, Polyphenol and Aromatherapy seem to be effective to prevent or relieve Hay Fever (Pollinosis, Pollen Allergy).

Mannentake(Lingzhi) is a kind of mushroom, Ganoderma Lucidum. Matured Mannentake-mashroom are dried and used for many kind of foods and drinks. Mannentake-Mushroom are the source of beta(¶¬)-glucan and a groups of triterpenes. Anti-allergic effect of triterpenes is good for Pollen Allergy. It can be taken by slicing, pounding, or preparing as a kind of ŐŰŃ∑ – medical dishes. SANKIGEN GOLD, the Korean Ginseng Extract Drink, is also containing Mannentake-Mushrooms.

Polyphenols are well known those contained in wines, black currant and etc.It controls the histamines which stimulate the nerves and ease the inflammation due to the antioxidant effect.

- Relieve allergic symptoms such as nasal
- Anti-oxidation effect
- Release of histamine which causes the itches
- Control the generation of enzyme which causes the sneezing, the stuffy nose or itching eyes

Aromatherapy is used for beauty and health care treatment by the power of self-healing applyied with the aromatic compounds from the herbs. It also prevents Hay Fever and relieves its symptoms. We have also applied the theory of aromatherapy to our Foot Care Sheet with Chamomile and Germanium.

Chamomile: Calming & Relaxing, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-allergy
Grapefruit: Harmonizing the central nerve system
Tea-tree: Adjusting of Immune strengthen
Lavender: Calming & Relaxing, Anti-inflammatory

We must avoid taking many of animal protein and eat variable vegetables to prevent Hay Fever. And, it is important to do some exercises and resistance against diseases to make our healthy life.

"Cacao polyphenol" contained in Chocolate

St. Valentine°«s Day is coming soon and the chocolate is talked about recently in Japan.The cacao polyphenol, which is a kind of polyphenol, are contained in the cacao beans. Not only in the chocolate, the polyphenol are also rich in the black currant, tea and other foods. These polyphenol control the harmful active oxygen, and prevents the oxidation of bad cholesterol in blood.

Good for:
Anti-oxidative Effect
Prevention of arteriosclerosis
Overcome of stress
Improve of allergy
Weight loss
Prevention of decayed teeth
Mind healing

Various foods includes various polyphenols. Not only a polyphenol from the chocolate, it is important to take the different kinds of polyphenols such as from tea, black currant and green vegetables in the normal eating habits.

COSMOPROF ASIA 2006 at Hong Kong

November 15-17, 2006, COSMOPROF ASIA 2006 was held in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. Over 1,100 exhibitors from 36 countries and regions are gathered in Hong Kong and top ten international countries for number of exhibitors at COSMOPROF ASIA 2006 are: Mainland China, Korea, Taiwan, France, Thailand, USA, Australia, Italy, Germany and Spain. About 40,000 qualified visitors from all over the world and showing them the most innovative products and the latest trends worldwide.

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