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"Cacao polyphenol" contained in Chocolate

St. Valentine”Ēs Day is coming soon and the chocolate is talked about recently in Japan.The cacao polyphenol, which is a kind of polyphenol, are contained in the cacao beans. Not only in the chocolate, the polyphenol are also rich in the black currant, tea and other foods. These polyphenol control the harmful active oxygen, and prevents the oxidation of bad cholesterol in blood.

Good for:
Anti-oxidative Effect
Prevention of arteriosclerosis
Overcome of stress
Improve of allergy
Weight loss
Prevention of decayed teeth
Mind healing

Various foods includes various polyphenols. Not only a polyphenol from the chocolate, it is important to take the different kinds of polyphenols such as from tea, black currant and green vegetables in the normal eating habits.

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