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HEC booth at Kansai Health Industry Fair 2007

We exhibited at Kansai Health Industry Fair 2007 (April 17 - 18, 2007 at Mydome Osaka, Japan).

The KHIF is an annual exhibition seeking to activate the Health Care Industry in West Japan. This year the exhibition was popular not only with general consumers but also among concerned parties from all walks of the health care industry.会長写真展示会に於いて.jpg

The massive attendance might have been fueled by a new policy of Japanese Government that states that enterprises should add the stomach measurement to the annual physical checkup for the employees and their dependents over 40 yeas old. This new policy will be implemented beginning April 2008 and aims to help in prevention of cases of Metabolic Syndrome.

At our booth we displayed Korean Ginseng Extract Drink: SANKIGEN GOLD, Health Supplement: BLACK CASSIS and SEA GINSENG DX, which received favorable reviews. These HEC products were promoted to the visitors who expressed several points of view and people from many industries asked questions about health and beauty.

The exhibition gave us the opportunity to listen and learn from our customers concerns, anxieties, demands and all vital information in order to develop and offer effective and safe products.
The two days at the exhibition were priceless and we feel satisfied with the amount of visitors that stopped by our booth.

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