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The Expanding Market for °»Relaxation Foods°…

Health supplements and foods with relaxation-promoting substances such as GABA and Theanine are selling one after another.

The report on the °»National Life 2004°… by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in Japan indicates that 49.1% of the Japanese nation over 12 years of age for both male and female faces with stress or anxiety in their daily life. If we take a close look at the situation, declining health status and frequent diseases are causes mainly from the above mentioned stress.

In the summer time, we tend to be fatigued which leads to stress. These symptoms can enhance and accumulate stress due to changes in temperature as we enter and out of an air-conditioned atmosphere. The consciousness of stress is hard to evaluate on our own but it could direct us to loss of appetite, luck of sleep, chilliness of hands and feet even in warm temperatures make us irritate.

Measures to prevent stress are as below:
1. Not to set the temperature of the air-conditioner too low.
2. Avoid to be exposed to the air-conditioner for long hours.
3. Obvious but try your best to avoid stress.

For those who find it difficult to let out your stress, we will release a new product in September which we hope to serve you then.

Summer Holiday Closure

Please be informed that our office will be closed for summer holiday as the following schedule. We thank you very much for your cooperation and understanding.

Closure: August 11 - 16, 2007

As for the Korean ginseng drink (Sankigen gold) and the other food ingredients, please place your order by August 10 (Japan time). Regarding the receipt of orders during the holiday, we will contact you on August 17, 2007.

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