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The tasting event of "irator"

In November 2007, we held a tasting event at °»Tokyu Hands°….
Nagoya: November 10 and 11
Shinsaibashi(Osaka): November 17 and 18

Our wish was to give customers the opportunity to find out about and to try our new product °»irator°…, which is a supplement that relaxes the brain. The try-out was led by a tasting event.
The event was held for a total of 4 days at both Nagoya and Shinsaibashi and the reaction of the customers to the °»irator°… was more than we expected!Tokyu Hands, Nagoya

At the tasting event, we heard comments such as: °»I can°«t recover from tiredness°…, °»I can°«t seem to relax with non-supplement health products°…, °»I have been under a lot of stress°…, °»I can°«t get a good night°«s sleep°… and many similar situations that can cause, or are a symptom of, stress in people°«s daily life. We believe these are the reason to why there is an increasing demand for effective products that support mental and physical health. We would also like to add that not many people are aware that stress can be decreased by relaxing the brain.

Our wish is for °»irator°… to be the supplement that can relax and help everyone in some way. We would also like to make an effort to keep on developing new products that can improve our customer°«s life.

Thank you very much for visiting our tasting event.

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