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Make your nail beautiful, with °»NAIL CAVIAR°…

People who enjoy nail art are increasing in number these days and so is the chance of damaging the nails.
The chances of damaging the nails increases with decorating them with manicures, inlaying pearls/stones or placing artificial nail tips on top of the nails; not to mentioned that each time a nail tip is placed, the thickness of the nails decreases together with constant buffing and filing.

There are other factors that contribute to damaging the nails, such as: dryness, peeling and cracking of the nail its self and its surroundings. Also there are causes of external factors that include diseases and infection.

We, H.E.C. GROUP INTERNATIONAL, would like to propose you the ultimate nail care product named NAIL CAVIAR. Just pop a couple of capsules on top of your nails and massage them gently. You will experience the real meaning of nourishing and spoiling your nails.

NAIL CAVIAR will be out in the market on March, 2008.

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