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Japanese Detox Foot Pads

H.E.C. Group recently released an entertaining commercial on YouTube for their Detox Foot Pads range. Titled "How To Defend Yourself", and purporting to be a series of Self Defence Lessons where one of the demonstrators takes the lesson a little bit too seriously...

Check it out at this link: Detox Foot Pads on YouTube

and see our Japanese Detox Foot Pads page for more information about this completely natural detoxification method.

High Quality Japanese Nattokinase

At H.E.C. Group we are very aware of the problems affecting people's health in the fast paced and hectic society we live in today.
Cardiovascular disease, strokes and high blood pressure are just a few of the major health problems people suffer from today.

Medical research has shown that the traditional Japanese food natto contains an enzyme called Nattokinase which can reduce blood clotting, improve blood circulation and may also have a cholesterol lowering effect. It also contains a large quantity of Vitamin K2 which assists in the formation of bones and preventing osteoporosis.

H.E.C. Group export worldwide a highly active and high quality Nattokinase powder for use as an ingredient of health food, supplements and food additives.
See our Nattokinase page for more information and contact us to find out about our worldwide bulk order shipping service of this excellent product

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