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Beautyworld Japan 2009

Beautyworld Japan 2009 (written Japanese doesn't use spaces, so neither does the English title of this Exhibition) at Tokyo Big Sight was held this week, and we used this opportunity to launch our new product SaniFile as well as promoting our Nail Caviar brand.

Beautyworld Japan is the largest beauty trade fair in the country and covers the Japanese beauty and spa industry. Exhibitors came from all over the world to the huge venue Tokyo Big Sight, on the large man-made island "Odaiba", which was split into four halls (we were based in the Nail Care hall).
Tokyo Big Sight
The number of visitors was about the same as last year apparently, although more were wearing masks than last year I imagine as we have recently had the first cases of the new influenza in Japan, so masks are very popular at the moment, and sold out in most places.

The response to the SaniFile was very positive. It's a new style of nail file here in Japan, ozone sanitized and sealed in a clear envelope for hygiene purposes to be opened in front of the nail salon customer. Each customer gets their own nail file, thus reducing possible infections from one person to the next. These kinds of file are fairly common in America but this is the first product of its kind here.

This was my first experience of a Beauty Exhibition in Japan (or anywhere in the world for that matter), and it was a great experience and a lot of fun, although admittedly pretty tiring - we were on our feet all day, unlike my usual working day which mainly involves sitting at my desk.
Nail Caviar and SaniFile
It's always good to meet customers and get their reaction to our products - although unfortunately my Japanese is not that good, so I would just introduce the product, SaniFile or Nail Caviar, then pass them over to one of my colleagues for a more detailed explanation - however my Japanese does extend to "omoshiroi" (interesting), "sugoi" (great) and "yasui" (inexpensive).

After 3 days and over 50,000 visitors, the exhibition was over and the workmen moved in to dismantle everything, and we all packed up our things and caught the Bullet Train back to Osaka, tired but happy.

The next Beautyworld is at Intex in Osaka in October, and we look forward to seeing you there!

(written by J)

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