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The H.E.C. Group’s performance generates strong product development

At H.E.C. Group, our strengths are trading know-how acquired over many years and flexible mobility.  This is made possible by our operations system.  The tasks of all the staff from the chairman are “Challenges Always” and “Never stop thinking”.   Up to now we have accomplished many businesses and commercialized various ideas.  And we intend to continue contributing to the society through diverse products and remain active with a worldwide view.

40 years of know-how and an operations system


At H.E.C. Group in order to be specialists in various fields, we share among all employees the experience and know-how that we have gained so far and raise the expertise of each member in the company.  We quickly decide and act on what needs users have for a product and what kind of technology or network would make the product tenable.  Even in the same field, we do not only just judge on the basis of conventional common sense or stereotypes, but always have an antenna to the world situation to establish an organization that responds flexibly case by case.

Export and Import
We make use of the network of trust to meet customer’s needs around the world.
Planning & Development
We plan and develop products trough research oriented to satisfy actual and future needs of consumers.
Business strategy
We use networks of people and businesses to propose the generation of strategic business interests using various capabilities.
Supplying System
We are establishing a global production system to enable the stable supply of products even in unexpected situations.
Invest Business
We, as a trading company, support business from the points of view, including investment and financing of promising businesses and exchange dealing.
We apply know-how gained from specialized knowledge and experience and drive the business under the market trends.

Networks and Partnerships

Networks and Partnerships

While the world is changing at a dizzying pace together with rapid information, we have sense needs that arise in various places and have created a business opportunities by quick response. A network extending over 50 countries and the know-how cultivated since our establishment in 1979, support our business operation systems.

Moreover, we are aware that the clients are our partners. By building partnerships on a common desire for better products, our greatest strength is the firm relationship with many clients that matured with trial and error for long.


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