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WheelCHAIRMAN!! 〜Running Chairman with Wheelchair〜

A hybrid vehicle, some swallows, and us

It was a sunny Saturday in April when a couple of swallows came flying into our house.

They entered the sitting room via the deck and flew around as if greeting us before nesting.

How polite they are!

We admired them and decided that we’d better set up some spikes to protect them from crows.

The swallow couple build a nest in our garage every year.

It is our honour that our garage could be a place of new birth and the growth of their brood.

But droppings on our car are another thing .

The year before last, we attached a cover under the nest. Unfortunately, this made it easier for the crows to attack the brood. Last year, crows attacked the brood again when the chicks had grown up a little. The swallow couple left the nest hurriedly and moved nearby to bring up their chicks .

We wondered if they would build their nest in our garage this year. It was more like wishful thinking than just speculation.

As a matter of fact, we have recently changed our car, which is now a hybrid vehicle with a wheelchair lift.

It took over three years to choose this car. After considerable searching we’d go to the car dealer for a trial run. We’d feel it wasn’t right, go back home, continue to collect information again -> Car dealer -> Trial run -> Search -> again and again.
Even though we had spent so much time and effort, our requirements are still not fully fulfilled.

For example, when I get in and out the car, I have to keep in a forward-bent posture for a while. It makes me tired.

社長と新車-02.jpgNevertheless, the engine is quiet and the functions are great.
Before, when my family members or staff members loaded or unloaded my wheelchair by themselves, it strained their backs. (The wheelchair with battery is so heavy). But now they can do it with the lift. They are pleased (although it is not easy to get accustomed to operating it).
Primarily it is eco-friendly and economy-friendly because of the reduced fuel consumption.
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I really appreciate the donations.

Our collection box on Globalink Island in Second Life, for children who have suffered through disasters and conflicts in the world has received donations totaling L$1123.

This money was converted to US$4.29 and then JPY407.
H.E.C. Group Corporation has donated this money along with our own contribution to unicef on April 16.

We would like to express our special thanks for everyone’s kindness in donating to this worthwhile cause.

Please try to think about children who have encountered these terrible difficulties. Try to imagine a life full of hunger, a lack of clothing and a bed to sleep in, unable to go to school or play like so many more fortunate children in this world.

Please try to do anything you can for them.
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Greetings for New Year 2009

Happy New Year Everybody,

Even though the world was shaken up by the global economic crisis in 2008, let us greet this New Year with feelings of hope for a year full of good health and safety in our personal and business lives.

Throughout the world there are people affected by war, affected by natural disasters, and people affected by other hardships and troubles, and I dare to pray for the health and prosperity of everybody at the beginning of this New Year and to hope for a better new year for everyone.

My best regards and wishes to everybody this year.
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Autumn has passed

Autumn has passed with the changing of leaves to red and yellow.

People enjoy the autumn tints of maple trees in Higashiyama(東山) in Kyoto, Takao (高雄) where the Jingoji Temple (神護寺) is located, Arashiyama (嵐山) and everywhere else in Japan.

紅葉1.jpg 清水寺1.jpg

One of our staff members told me she was recently deeply impressed with the Kiyomizudera Temple (清水寺), where big crowds of people come to see the many maple trees and the temple beautifully illuminated at night.
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Celebration Party!

A few days ago one of our employees (Mr. J) from the UK just got married and all of our employees except me went out on a little celebration party.

I’ve been told the climax of the celebration came after a beer garden at an Okinawan restaurant they found in a free paper.
Live music and dance which is original to the island is the main theme of this restaurant. I was told the place was popular amongst our employees and other customers that were there due to the live performances, food and the variety of alcoholic drinks.

As the singing performance started, the performers started singing a typical song of the region in English. It was definitely for Mr. J. As the performers were taking requests from other customers at the restaurant, all of a sudden the lights were dimmed and Mr. J’s marriage was announced at the restaurant. As everyone stood up and cheered for him, an up-beat song started and everyone in the place was forced to dance.

Being in such a happy mood, Mr. J couldn’t control himself and started dancing with the rest of the crowd that were also happy for him.

celebration party.JPG I could not participate in the party but from what I’ve heard I wish I could have been there. I believe that even though Mr. J lives in a country far away from his home town; my wish for him, is to meet with lots of nice people and that his marriage will be full of joy and happiness.

Long live the “Just Married!!”
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Come join us!!!

All of you may recall from my past blogs that two gentlemen and I started a new business through “Second Life”. One month has passed since the launch of Globalink Island and lots of people are showing an interest in our business.

At our “Exhibition Site” that we have created, there are already companies exhibiting their products or services. As for the “Language Exchange” area, there lots of Avatars from all over the world willing to learn and share with others their knowledge.

There is not much I can say for Globalink only exists for a month but the tendency of the users are to create unique Avatars or Avatars that looks exactly the same as the real-world user.

I am hoping that as time passes by, there will be more people using Second Life and that Globalink will be a place in which people can share ideas, communicate, and an opportunity to expand businesss.

Second life final1   Second lifeアバター1
           Real life                         Second life
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One of my eating habits

This time I want to introduce to everyone one of my eating habits.
3 years ago I started taking pumpkin-seed-oil as part of my diet in the morning. I just put a table spoon of the oil on to my bread or salad.

Sometime in the past, I read that pumpkin-seed-oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. These composites that are in the oil are known to be good for the prevention of organ problems, anemia, fatigue, prostate or urethra disorder.

At our age, we hear from people around us that what they thought to be a simple back ache to be prostate cancer. As I looked in to the situation; in Japan, there are more people diagnosed with prostate cancer than any other type of cancer. This is why I thought to take care of myself more than ever by adding pumpkin-seed-oil to my every-day life. At the moment I am able to keep my health without any problems.

“To all the men out there and Ladies who are worried about the ones you love!!” Pumpkin-seed-oil is considered to be a natural medicine and it has no side effects. It is also known to be good for those who are in treatment at the moment. From personal experience I think that you have nothing to lose. Just give it a try.


Componets of Pumpkin-Seed-Oil
Palmitic acid       11.3%     Stearic acid     5.3%     Oleic acid        29.1%
Linolenic acid      52.4%     Linoleic acid     0.3%     Arachidi acid    0.4%
Gadoren acid        0.1%     Behenic acid    0.2%     other                0.7%
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New Year’s Greeting

Happy New Year! I’d like to thank everyone for keeping up with my blog and hope that we can keep in touch through it this year as well.

I had a 9 day vacation and today is “back to work day”.
Hope that all of you had a nice Holiday season.
As for myself; on the 3rd of January, I went to see “The Magic Flute” which is the last opera composed by Mozart. It includes both singing and spoken dialogs and it is one of his most popular operas. I must admit that I was able to have a wonderful and gorgeous time.

As we all know; due to my wheelchair, it is very difficult for me to just go from one place to another. Especially if it is an opera hall like the one I went to which is full of obstacles. I must thank the people who accompanied me because they made it possible for me to have a nice time.Magic Flute

I wonder if everyone remembers my blog last year in which I mentioned that I was going to start a new business using Second Life? (here)
The home page is finally up on the web!!!
I hope that everyone will stop by and give me
your comments. globalink
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Challenge of New business!

In recent years the net has evolved so much that is amazing to me.
Now-a-days we are bombarded with information through the internet and I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I say that it is almost impossible to live ignoring it.
You may also have noticed that there are lots of new services that firms provide to net users and one of them is “Second Life”.
Second Life” started about 4 years ago, and it’s now that it’s becoming a boom in Japan, due to increasingly faster internet connections and the recent release of the Japanese version.

Anyone can gain access to “Second Life” through the net and it’s a three dimensional virtual world that is similar to our real world. As you can see by the title, you are able to have a second opportunity to live, this time in a virtual world using an “Avatar” which is your persona that you can use to communicate with other people, run a firm, drive a brand-new car for free, or even fly around the virtual world.

In the “Second Life” virtual world, even a disabled person like me can freely move around, buy land that I like, create a building of my own and even start a new business. “Anything is possible” is becoming a slogan for “Second Life” and if you actually see it, you will see that it’s true.Second life

To me “Second Life” is a world where you can make your dreams come true. Together with our outstanding staff and using the experience achieved in education, business and communication with people of the world, we are planning to be in “Second Life” starting next year. Also volunteer activities to help children will be a characteristic of our new adventure.
When the project becomes a reality, I would like to invite everyone to come and check it out.
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In wait for a voice-recognition of my dreams

I knew from the previous version of Windows XP that a voice recognition system existed but a rumor came to my ears that the new version of VISTA has a better response to the voice and I decided to give it a try. It’s like a dream that a disable like me could get to use a computer. If I get to master the voice recognition; I would be able to read my mails without the help on anyone…. so I actually took my time in learning how to use the system.
Unfortunately, it did not satisfy me at all.
Normally when I use the computer is to write in English and it takes me about 3 hours to fill in an A4.
So when I set the voice recognition to run in English, it doesn’t go as smooth as I expected. The main inconvenience is in the recognition of names in English and geographical places.(T_T)
I believe that there are many people that use their mouth or foot to write with the keyboard but I hope for a better software to be developed in the near future for people like us.(^_^)
If you have any information on a better software please let me hear your advice.
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