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What is going on in the world? ~ Children and Health ~

According to the information from UNICEF, there are great numbers of children over the world facing very severe difficulty now.

1.The world has 2.2 billion children and 1 billion children live in poverty. The number of children that die every year before reaching the age of five is 10.5 million. That is equivalent to the combined populations of children under age of five in France, Germany, Greece and Italy.¥¢¥¸¥¢ÉϺ¤­¡ÊÔ½¸¸å.jpg

2.The number of children under the age of five who suffer from severe malnutrition is 90 million. Underweight since birth, their bodies are weak and they get sick easily. They remain hungry all the time and half of these children live in South Asia.

3.In the 3rd world countries, the number of children that have never attended school a day in their lives is over 140 million. In South Asia, 1 in 4 children does not attend primary school.

4.1 in 5 children in the 3rd world countries has no safe drinking water. That is nearly 400 million children. In Africa, they drink either unsanitary water or must walk 15 minutes or more to a source of safe drinking water.¥¢¥¸¥¢¤ÎÉϺ¤­¢ÊÔ½¸¸å.jpg

5.A child born in Japan in 2004 has an average life span of 82 years. A child born in Zambia in 2004 has an average life span of 38 years. Even when children survive poverty, their adult life will not extend past the age of 38.

6.The percentage of people who never went to school as children and are still unable to read and write as adults in South Asia is: 30% of males; 55% of females. And in sub-Saharan Africa is: 32% of males; 48% of females. When they become adults without knowing the value of education, the same pattern repeats itself with their children.

I am hoping that I want to help these children and change the severe environment surrounding of children with many people. From the next year 2007, I will increase the number of children to give more aid and also as a company of H.E.C. Group, we would like to contribute to the world with our health care products, foods, and nursing products for healthy living of all human being. If someone has any ideas or advises, let's discuss together!
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