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WheelCHAIRMAN!! 〜Running Chairman with Wheelchair〜

Come join us!!!

All of you may recall from my past blogs that two gentlemen and I started a new business through “Second Life”. One month has passed since the launch of Globalink Island and lots of people are showing an interest in our business.

At our “Exhibition Site” that we have created, there are already companies exhibiting their products or services. As for the “Language Exchange” area, there lots of Avatars from all over the world willing to learn and share with others their knowledge.

There is not much I can say for Globalink only exists for a month but the tendency of the users are to create unique Avatars or Avatars that looks exactly the same as the real-world user.

I am hoping that as time passes by, there will be more people using Second Life and that Globalink will be a place in which people can share ideas, communicate, and an opportunity to expand businesss.

Second life final1   Second lifeアバター1
           Real life                         Second life
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