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Celebration Party!

A few days ago one of our employees (Mr. J) from the UK just got married and all of our employees except me went out on a little celebration party.

I¡Çve been told the climax of the celebration came after a beer garden at an Okinawan restaurant they found in a free paper.
Live music and dance which is original to the island is the main theme of this restaurant. I was told the place was popular amongst our employees and other customers that were there due to the live performances, food and the variety of alcoholic drinks.

As the singing performance started, the performers started singing a typical song of the region in English. It was definitely for Mr. J. As the performers were taking requests from other customers at the restaurant, all of a sudden the lights were dimmed and Mr. J¡Çs marriage was announced at the restaurant. As everyone stood up and cheered for him, an up-beat song started and everyone in the place was forced to dance.

Being in such a happy mood, Mr. J couldn¡Çt control himself and started dancing with the rest of the crowd that were also happy for him.

celebration party.JPG I could not participate in the party but from what I¡Çve heard I wish I could have been there. I believe that even though Mr. J lives in a country far away from his home town; my wish for him, is to meet with lots of nice people and that his marriage will be full of joy and happiness.

Long live the ¡ÈJust Married!!¡É
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Paris | 2008/07/29 07:45 AM
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