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Autumn has passed

Autumn has passed with the changing of leaves to red and yellow.

People enjoy the autumn tints of maple trees in Higashiyama(東山) in Kyoto, Takao (高雄) where the Jingoji Temple (神護寺) is located, Arashiyama (嵐山) and everywhere else in Japan.

紅葉1.jpg 清水寺1.jpg

One of our staff members told me she was recently deeply impressed with the Kiyomizudera Temple (清水寺), where big crowds of people come to see the many maple trees and the temple beautifully illuminated at night.
I used to take my family or guest to such famous places and sights, but recently I enjoy the changing of autumn leaves at home.
Three maple trees in our garden let me feel the autumn and coming winter.
I feel that my life-style has changed compared to the days of moving around and travelling abroad on business. Nowadays I enjoy the cycle of the seasons and nature more.

Last year, the yellow Yamamomiji leaves (Acer palmatum var. masumurae) fell and our garden was covered with a yellow carpet. This year, the leaves are still small and red and are gradually falling here and there.
The Nomura-momiji (Acer palmatum Thunb. Var. sanguineum Nakai), which is my favourite, is not yet big and strong enough to cover the garden as it was only transplanted this spring. I hope that it will grow well enough to cover the garden with its large, red leaves next autumn.

          散り敷くもみじ.jpg            紅葉を背に.jpg

I felt the autumn air peacefully and happily. My family watch me with deep emotion as sometimes I am so impressed by the beauty of nature I am moved to tears. I never behaved in such a way when I was young.

What about this autumn where you are? The recent news such as the financial crisis, terrorist attacks and so on make us nervous these days. But, Christmas and New Year are coming soon. So, take care of yourselves and let’s cope with the tough and difficult year end.
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