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WheelCHAIRMAN!! ¡ÁRunning Chairman with Wheelchair¡Á

I really appreciate the donations.

Our collection box on Globalink Island in Second Life, for children who have suffered through disasters and conflicts in the world has received donations totaling L$1123.

This money was converted to US$4.29 and then JPY407.
H.E.C. Group Corporation has donated this money along with our own contribution to unicef on April 16.

We would like to express our special thanks for everyone¡Çs kindness in donating to this worthwhile cause.

Please try to think about children who have encountered these terrible difficulties. Try to imagine a life full of hunger, a lack of clothing and a bed to sleep in, unable to go to school or play like so many more fortunate children in this world.

Please try to do anything you can for them.
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