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£Á hybrid vehicle, some swallows, and us

It was a sunny Saturday in April when a couple of swallows came flying into our house.

They entered the sitting room via the deck and flew around as if greeting us before nesting.

How polite they are!

We admired them and decided that we¡Çd better set up some spikes to protect them from crows.

The swallow couple build a nest in our garage every year.

It is our honour that our garage could be a place of new birth and the growth of their brood.

But droppings on our car are another thing .

The year before last, we attached a cover under the nest. Unfortunately, this made it easier for the crows to attack the brood. Last year, crows attacked the brood again when the chicks had grown up a little. The swallow couple left the nest hurriedly and moved nearby to bring up their chicks .

We wondered if they would build their nest in our garage this year. It was more like wishful thinking than just speculation.

As a matter of fact, we have recently changed our car, which is now a hybrid vehicle with a wheelchair lift.

It took over three years to choose this car. After considerable searching we¡Çd go to the car dealer for a trial run. We¡Çd feel it wasn¡Çt right, go back home, continue to collect information again -> Car dealer -> Trial run -> Search -> again and again.
Even though we had spent so much time and effort, our requirements are still not fully fulfilled.

For example, when I get in and out the car, I have to keep in a forward-bent posture for a while. It makes me tired.

¼ÒĹ¤È¿·¼Ö-02.jpgNevertheless, the engine is quiet and the functions are great.
Before, when my family members or staff members loaded or unloaded my wheelchair by themselves, it strained their backs. (The wheelchair with battery is so heavy). But now they can do it with the lift. They are pleased (although it is not easy to get accustomed to operating it).
Primarily it is eco-friendly and economy-friendly because of the reduced fuel consumption.
There is no way for the swallow couple to know we have bought a new car, and they have come to build their nest again on April 11£ô£è.

We could see the faces of the brood appearing out of the nest in May. But the crows attacked them again and again. The number of chicks decreased from five to two, and then even less. Year after year, crows attack and kill broods, while the parents are just trying to raise them.

What awful birds they are!

I hate them!!!

However, I wonder are they really that bad.

Swallows catch insects in order to survive. Crows also catch chicks in order to survive. They might be part of natural selection or the food chain. On the other hand, human beings eat all the plants and animals they want, reject food with/without thinking, destroy nature, take away food for the plants and animals, and make a lot of noise about attacks from raccoon dogs or wild boars. Crows might be laughing at us, such stupid creatures.

Despite my worries and concerns, the swallows nested again. It was as if they had never been attacked by crows.

In our new hybrid vehicle, which is catching the droppings from the energetic swallow family, I can feel more comfortable than before. I also have support for my back. I expect to be able to go on a long distance drive.

Sometime around the end of summer, when the swallow family will leave our garage, I shall think of where to travel by our hybrid eco-car.

PS. The swallow family has left our garage a few days ago without being attacked from the crows again. I felt relief to know that. It seemed a little bit earlier than usual this year.
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