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Health Food and Supplement

Since I have to spend my life with wheelchair, it is hard to take a nutrient out of everyday meal and there is danger that a slight disease develops into a fatal one to me. So I am taking regularly several health food supplements for 5 years.

3.SANKIGEN GOLD (Korean Ginseng Extract Drink)
4.Multiple Vitamin
5.Hydrogen Water with Root Seaweeds

GABA: I have never catching cold for the past 5 years since I have begun to take GABA. It is said that GABA is effective in strengthening an immune cell. I don¡Çt know why but even if all the family members catch cold, only I am all right and keep in very good condition!
Glucosamine: It is better to make the metabolism for the reproduction of cartilage. Because I cannot move body freely by myself and also getting enough aged, a joint and bone are ached by few exercises. I am continues to take glucosamine everyday and prevent for the pain.
SANKIGEN Gold (Korean Ginseng Extract Drink): I drink one bag of SANKIGEN Gold before sleeping every night. Korean ginseng is effective in warming a body. My hands and feet are always fascinated with cold temperature and accompanied with pain. When hands and feet warm, it is easy to go to sleep so I drink it regularly every night. SANKIGEN Gold is our company developed product and order directly from a Korean maker. It is very good and well finished product. AquaVida¤Èº¬º«ÉÛ¿å-HPÍÑ.jpg
Hydrogen Water with Root Seaweeds: I am drinking hydrogen water with root seaweeds every day like regular drinking water. To supply minerals, I put the Hokkaido¡Çs root seaweeds into the hydrogen rich water that improve the anti-oxidation in body and also has anti-aging effect. My wife told me that some hair are growing back from my head since I started to drink this water!! How nice and unbelievable!! My kids and employees do not believe this fact but my wife is a person who is taking care of myself every day says that. I believe the power of root seaweeds and hydrogen water! v(^^) This hydrogen water stick is also our product and named as ¡ÈAQUA VIDAÌ¿¤Î¿å¡É. This product has strong vitality as for growing my hair(!) and is also a masterpiece of H.E.C. Group.

I must be always aware of being healthy since I have become wheelchair man. Therefore I am trying various products from a health foods, supplement and health related goods to medical supplies. I will talk about the present conditions or care circumstances of Japanese medical facilities through my prospect from now on.
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