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A Guest from Abroad

I had a guest far from Guam the other day. He was one of the staff members of H.E.C. eighteen (18) years ago. He stayed at our home and lived with us like one of our family members and commuted to the office together for about one (1) year. His favorite food is Miso-Soup and salmon flakes with squeezed lemon which he had for every breakfast while he stayed with us.

The reunion after an interval of fifteen (15) years deeply impressed me and made me burst into tears. A guest from abroad.JPG
I was relieved to see that he was in good health and has not changed a bit since the last time I saw him.

On the day of his arrival, we talked for hours about all kinds of matters including memories from the past. It made me feel as if I was traveling back in time to my good-all-days. I must admit that it made me feel young again.

He is an instructor working for a diving school in Guam and with in his group of students, he also instructs the disabled. Could it be destiny or mystery of life that I was going to meet again with a person that plays a role in an occupation that associates with my life on wheelchair?

I was delighted to hear that those who use a wheelchair and experiences diving can feel the sensation of floating in the air. By the same token, the blind can also experience the sensation of freedom due to the fact that they have fewer chances in bumping into obstacles.
He also instructs tourists from Japan and I have the confidence that they will fully enjoy diving under his instruction due to the level of his Japanese that he obtained as a result of his stay.

If you happen to stop by Guam, I hope that you pass by the diving school!!! If you happen to see an instructor that barely looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger, it would be him; Douglas, my old friend.

(If you would like details about the diving school, please do not hesitate to contact me.)
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