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In wait for a voice-recognition of my dreams

I knew from the previous version of Windows XP that a voice recognition system existed but a rumor came to my ears that the new version of VISTA has a better response to the voice and I decided to give it a try. It¡Çs like a dream that a disable like me could get to use a computer. If I get to master the voice recognition; I would be able to read my mails without the help on anyone¡Ä. so I actually took my time in learning how to use the system.
Unfortunately, it did not satisfy me at all.
Normally when I use the computer is to write in English and it takes me about 3 hours to fill in an A4.
So when I set the voice recognition to run in English, it doesn¡Çt go as smooth as I expected. The main inconvenience is in the recognition of names in English and geographical places.(T_T)
I believe that there are many people that use their mouth or foot to write with the keyboard but I hope for a better software to be developed in the near future for people like us.(^_^)
If you have any information on a better software please let me hear your advice.
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