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New Year°«s Greeting

Happy New Year! I°«d like to thank everyone for keeping up with my blog and hope that we can keep in touch through it this year as well.

I had a 9 day vacation and today is °»back to work day°….
Hope that all of you had a nice Holiday season.
As for myself; on the 3rd of January, I went to see °»The Magic Flute°… which is the last opera composed by Mozart. It includes both singing and spoken dialogs and it is one of his most popular operas. I must admit that I was able to have a wonderful and gorgeous time.

As we all know; due to my wheelchair, it is very difficult for me to just go from one place to another. Especially if it is an opera hall like the one I went to which is full of obstacles. I must thank the people who accompanied me because they made it possible for me to have a nice time.Magic Flute

I wonder if everyone remembers my blog last year in which I mentioned that I was going to start a new business using Second Life? (here)
The home page is finally up on the web!!!
I hope that everyone will stop by and give me
your comments. globalink
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