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Mannentake, Polyphenol and Aromatherapy for Hay Fever

In Japan, the pollen scatter becomes earlier because of its warm winter. Mannentake, Polyphenol and Aromatherapy seem to be effective to prevent or relieve Hay Fever (Pollinosis, Pollen Allergy).

Mannentake(Lingzhi) is a kind of mushroom, Ganoderma Lucidum. Matured Mannentake-mashroom are dried and used for many kind of foods and drinks. Mannentake-Mushroom are the source of beta()-glucan and a groups of triterpenes. Anti-allergic effect of triterpenes is good for Pollen Allergy. It can be taken by slicing, pounding, or preparing as a kind of – medical dishes. SANKIGEN GOLD, the Korean Ginseng Extract Drink, is also containing Mannentake-Mushrooms.

Polyphenols are well known those contained in wines, black currant and etc.It controls the histamines which stimulate the nerves and ease the inflammation due to the antioxidant effect.

- Relieve allergic symptoms such as nasal
- Anti-oxidation effect
- Release of histamine which causes the itches
- Control the generation of enzyme which causes the sneezing, the stuffy nose or itching eyes

Aromatherapy is used for beauty and health care treatment by the power of self-healing applyied with the aromatic compounds from the herbs. It also prevents Hay Fever and relieves its symptoms. We have also applied the theory of aromatherapy to our Foot Care Sheet with Chamomile and Germanium.

Chamomile: Calming & Relaxing, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-allergy
Grapefruit: Harmonizing the central nerve system
Tea-tree: Adjusting of Immune strengthen
Lavender: Calming & Relaxing, Anti-inflammatory

We must avoid taking many of animal protein and eat variable vegetables to prevent Hay Fever. And, it is important to do some exercises and resistance against diseases to make our healthy life.

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