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Nursing Products

This is representative of the nursing supplies handled by H.E.C. Group.
We also import products from countries with advanced welfare to introduce to and market in Japan.

Swing Bathtub

“Swing”, an electrically operated reclining bathtub

“Swing”, an electrically operated reclining bathtub

  • Capacity: 125 liters
  • Dimensions(mm): length 1,800×width 750×height 810(Bathing position)
    Height 1,400(Sitting position)

Product Features

“Swing”, an electrically operated reclining bathtub

  1. A new type of bathtub design that first came to Japan from the advanced care-giving country of Sweden.
  2. The simple design is based on ergonomics. Seating in the bathtub is secure, so people with limited mobility and the elderly can comfortably and safely enjoy a bath.The edge of the tub can be lowered to the floor to provide barrier-free entry to the bath.
  3. The angle of the tub can be adjusted with a button with easy operation.
  4. The maintenance is always ready to accomplish in case of any troubles.
  5. It is more compact and affordable than ordinary mechanical bathtubs.
  6. With a maximum water capacity of 125 liters, it is more economical than competing products.
  7. Safe because the care giver and receiver can see face to face when it is used.
  8. Having the same feeling as in an ordinary household bathtub.
  9. It produces the relaxing effect of bathing in a cradle.

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