Message from CEO

To promote goodwill and mutual prosperity through business around the world

To achieve global cultural exchange and proper acculturation of human resources, the Human Education Center (H.E.C.) was established as a language school, and concurrently the Overseas Department was set up. After completing incorporation in 1979, H.E.C. GROUP CORPORATION has consistently carried out global business, in line with our mission to promote goodwill and mutual prosperity.

We strive to provide quality products that the domestic or international markets want or need at any given time by keeping a keen eye on trends whether it be big or small.

H.E.C. Group Corporation CEO
Monteo Matsushita

About H.E.C. Group

Product Development Planning Human Resources Dynamics Flexibility Speed Achievement Product Development Planning Human Resources Dynamics Flexibility Speed Achievement

A reliable and proven network

Since our founding as a trading company in 1979 we have developed superior products in all sectors in markets around the world. Recently we are developing health and beauty products across many fields using natural materials and considering ecology, and marketing them in over 50 countries around the world. We have also started to develop e-commerce and are working to expand our services. Based on our philosophy of “Offering better products with a view toward a healthy life for people”, we carefully select a variety of high-quality materials and products in and outside Japan. We welcome the participation of businesses and individuals as partners in business affiliation to offer meaningful products.

A wide variety of products

We handle a variety of products both domestically and overseas, including health foods, health-related goods, cosmetics, and food ingredients marketer or OEM. We continually evolve to create new and better products avoiding segmented thinking. We design and offer various products that to meet our customer’s needs.