Since its establishment in 1965, H.E.C. Group has enjoyed the support of many customers and distributors and would like to express our deep appreciation to all.

Recently the pace of change to borderless distribution has increased, and the flow of goods with foreign countries is increasing and getting more vigorous. Not to be swept away by this rapid flow, we quickly introduce superior products from overseas into Japan, and introduce exceptional products from Japan to customers overseas.

We will continue to exert ourselves to be able to offer products that will satisfy everyone.

Guide to Distributors

At the H.E.C. Group, based on our philosophy of “Offering better products with a view toward a healthy life for people”, we offer a variety of high-quality materials and products in and outside Japan. To market these we seek the cooperation of H.E.C. Group Business Partners.

Process for Contract

  1. First, contact us by mail or telephone.
  2. We will conduct a presentation on the H.E.C. Group’s products, either on a visit to your company or here at ours.
  3. After the distributorship contract is concluded, product training is conducted.
  4. Marketing can begin.
  5. Joint operation is also possible.
  6. Regular training sessions are conducted.

The process may differ depending on the product. Please contact our company for details.

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